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Two experiments were conducted to study and distinguish Cybersickness, Visual fatigue, Cognitive load and Acute stress in Virtual reality (VR).
Participants were recorded at Baseline and performing Stroop tasks under four experimental conditions, Relaxation and Recovery. We recorded Stroop
performances, Eye tracking (ET), Electrocardiography (ECG), Electrodermal activity (EDA), self-reported Cognitive load (NASA-TLX), Acute stress (STAI-6),
Cybersickness, Visual fatigue, and Disorientation (VRSQ).

Experiment 1 included 125 subjects and followed a between-subject design.
Experiment 2 included 31 subjects and followed a within-subject design.


This study was funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 RIA program under grant agreement No 883293 - INFINITY project.

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Expérimentation Description Date J. de données Créateur Localisation Membres Actions
Between subject design (experiment 1)

Data from 125 subjects

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Within subject design (experiment 2)

Data from 31 subjects

23/02/2022 1 Domitile Lourdeaux Compîègne, france 0 -