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Automatic and manual LIDAR road labels 2019

This dataset comprises labelled LIDAR scans, which were acquired in 6 locations in France by Renault and Heudiasyc Lab, both members of the joint Lab SIVALab. Each LIDAR point is labelled with t...

8 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Franck Davoine  2 -
Cooperative localization 2018

This dataset was recorded for cooperative localization with a platoon of two Renault Zoés on the UTC Séville test track. Each vehicle is equipped with a low-cost mono-frequenc...

1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Elwan Hery  2 -

ERASMO Datasets

1 Apache 2.0 Stéphane Bonnet 1 -
Firefighters TimeTabling Problem

Datasets generated based on INFOCA institution data for the firefighters timetabling problem FFTP

1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Mohamed Amine Ouberkouk 0 -
High-Speed High-Definition Event-Based Indoor Dataset 2021

This dataset is composed of high-definition event-based recordings, which were captured inside the Heudiasyc Lab.

Each of the four sequences was recorded indoors, using a handheld 

1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Franck Davoine  2 -

Please find details and refer to this article if you use those data: Full reference and DOI will be communicated soon.

Two experiments were conducted to study and distinguish Cybe...

2 CeCILL-C 1.0 Domitile Lourdeaux 0 -

Data-sets recorded using experimental vehicles in cooperative scenarios:

Intersection: three vehicles driving around a T-section with low visibility for 25 minutes Overt...
2 Apache 2.0 Antoine Lima  2 -
The Synthetic LiDAR Events Depths (SLED) Dataset

The Synthetic LiDAR Events Depths (SLED) Dataset, as described in the "Learning to Estimate Two Dense Depths from LiDAR and Event Data" article

1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Vincent Brebion  2 -
Tornado Mobility 2020

Interactions entre véhicule autonome et infrastructures pour des services de mobilité en zone peu dense. 


1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Stefano Masi  5 -
Turtlebot 3 robot courses

Turtlebot dataset with LiDAR, camera, infrared sensor, encoders, accelerometers, gyrometers and magnetometers.


1 Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) Elwan Hery  2 -