Portail de gestion et de diffusion de données

Ce portail permet l'exploitation des données expérimentales acquises au sein du laboratoire Heudiasyc.

Heudiasyc (HEUristique et DIAgnostic des SYstèmes Complexes) est un laboratoire géré conjoitement par l'Université de Technologie de Compiègne et le CNRS.

Il opère dans le domaine des sciences de l'information et du numérique, à savoir l'informatique, l'automatique, la robotique et l'intelligence artificielle.

Il y a actuellement 12 projets contenant 52 jeux de données depuis 2018.

Dernières mises à jour :

Projets :

28/03/2024 - ERASMO

ERASMO Datasets

14/07/2023 - Infinity

Please find details and refer to this article if you use those data: Full reference and DOI will be communicated soon.

Two experi...

22/05/2023 - Multiception

Data-sets recorded using experimental vehicles in cooperative scenarios:

Intersection: three vehicles driving around a T-section...

14/06/2023 - Within subject design (experiment 2)

Data from 31 subjects

14/06/2023 - Between subject design (experiment 1)

Data from 125 subjects

23/05/2023 - Overtaking

A vehicle overtakes a van stopped in the middle of the road. Intrisic and extrinsic calibration available at

03/04/2024 - 2024-04-03_12-00-13

Date: 2024-04-03

Morning recording, light traffic, cloudy

02/04/2024 - 2024-04-02_13-46-16

Dataset uploaded on 02/04/2024 at 13:46:16

22/08/2023 - Zoe Blue - Other Formats.

Data recorded from the zoeblue vehicle in the form of common data formats (CSV, MP4, PCD, ZIP)

Mise en avant :

Automatic and manual LIDAR road labels 2019

This dataset comprises labelled LIDAR scans, which were acquired in 6 locations in France by Renault and Heudiasyc Lab, both members of the joint Lab SIVALab. Each LIDAR point is labelled with t...

Cooperative localization 2018

This dataset was recorded for cooperative localization with a platoon of two Renault Zoés on the UTC Séville test track. Each vehicle is equipped with a low-cost mono-frequenc...

Firefighters TimeTabling Problem

Datasets generated based on INFOCA institution data for the firefighters timetabling problem FFTP