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This dataset was recorded for cooperative localization with a platoon of two Renault Zoés on the UTC Séville test track. Each vehicle is equipped with a low-cost mono-frequency GNSS receiver Ublox M8T EVK for global pose estimation and an RTK GNSS/INS receiver Novatel SPAN CPT for the ground truth.

The dead reckoning information is estimated by the vehicle and sent through the CAN bus. Finally, the following vehicle is able to perceive the leading vehicle with a 110° field of view SICK LDMRS LiDAR and the leader can perceive the follower with a SICK LMS 151 LiDAR.

More details in this article 'Consistent Decentralized Cooperative Localization for Autonomous Vehicles using LiDAR, GNSS and HD maps' :

Gestionnaire : Elwan Hery 

Membres : Philippe Bonnifait  , Philippe Xu 

Expérimentation : 1

Création : 03/02/2021 15:32 - M. à jour 07/05/2021 15:30

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Licence : Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0)

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Platooning Seville V1

Cooperative localization datasets with dead reckoning, GNSS and LiDAR data in a platooning sce...

27/07/2018 3 Elwan Hery  Centre d'Innovation Daniel Thomas, Compiègne 0 -