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Description :

Data-sets recorded using experimental vehicles in cooperative scenarios:

  • Intersection: three vehicles driving around a T-section with low visibility for 25 minutes
  • Overtaking: a vehicle overtakes a stopped van on a straight road, helped by other vehicles
  • Roundabout: three vehicles enter and exit a roundabout

Everything takes place on an open road around noon.

Vehicles are equipped with a precise positionning sensor (Novatel SPAN CPT) and a LiDAR (Velodyne VLP32C). Optionally they can also be equipped with a Septentrio GNSS receiver, a Mobileye smart camera and an Hesai Pandora LiDAR+Camera combo. An infrastructure LiDAR (Velodyne VLS128) is also present.

Gestionnaire : Antoine Lima 

Membres : Philippe Bonnifait  , Véronique Cherfaoui 

Expérimentation : 2

Création : 17/05/2023 16:46 - M. à jour 22/05/2023 17:02

Permalien : KrXdEBzaMnMmWbV

Licence : Apache 2.0

J. de données : 15


Expérimentation Description Date J. de données Créateur Localisation Membres Actions

A vehicle overtakes a van stopped in the middle of the road. Intrisic and extrinsic calibratio...

20/07/2022 9 Antoine Lima  Compiègne, France 4 -

Three vehicles drive around an open-road roundabout. Intrisic and extrinsic calibration availa...

20/07/2022 6 Antoine Lima  Compiègne, France 4 -